History and great achievement
1980  MEGA company started the bandsaw machine manufacture to supply customers in all of world.
1989  To satisfy the growing order, company relocated to new factory.
1991  Produced H beam chamfer machine, in cooporation with Japanese company NKK and won the great prize in Japan.
 Developed successfully in heavy duty bandsaw machine H550A and MH1080S.
1992  Developed heavy thread rolling machine TR30T and TR18T for screw and gear rolling.
1994  Developed successfully in heavy duty bandsaw machine H700A and H1300.
1995  Developed successfully in heavy duty bandsaw machine H1100.
 Passed the identification of CE for Europe market.
1996  Passed the identification of TUV ISO-9002.
 Applied for patent successfully in auto flat system of bandsaw machine H1100
1997  Applied for patent successfully in auto feed system of gear rolling machine TR30T
1999  Developed heavy thread rolling machine TR50T and exported to Japan successfully.
 Developed successfully in huge miter bandsaw machine BS-1000M.
2000  Developing successfully in heavy duty NC circular saw machine CS-100. 
2001  Passed the identification of TUV ISO-9001.
2003  Developed successfully in optic lens machine MCG-120S.
2004  Developed optic lens centering machine MLC-80 and obtained sponsorship from government.
 Developed successfully in NC-H650GA for cutting silicon wafer.
2005  Developed successfully in NC-H2015 for cutting chromium metal.
2007  Developed CG-CNC series CNC thread grinding machine and TR-V series Servo drive flat dies rolling machine
2013  Applied for TTQS
2017  Developed NTR series Servo thread rolling machine
2019  Developed CS-80X linear feed circular saw machine
2020  Passed the CE renewal certification