Quality Policy

   The Managing Director endeavors to emphasize the quality policy, as guideline for company quality system, through announcement and declaration, all members of the company understand, implement, to reach a common understanding, and create systemized quality management.

  Quality policy and statement

1. Quality policy :

1-1  High performance and best quality can catch customers' heart, let quality to company' "Super Salesman".
1-2  Quality means not only product itself, the company emphasizes : product quality, delivery schedule, service, high quality and  reasonable price. After a sales transaction, the customer will be satisfied with all the after services and becomes a long-term  customer.

2. Quality target :

2-1  Only the best quality products can be delivered to customers.
2-2  A bit flaw inside company system, can turn out to be a 1000 times bigger complain from customer. If this complain is not taken good care of, customer will be hurt, the company will lose customers. This kinds of mistakes must be avoided and eventually reach company's quality target.


3. Quality target statement :

  The managing director Mr. Peter Wang hopes the whole company have the same understanding, to establish quality system, and implement it, he commit this quality system, work together with all members of the company. The company will supply all possible sources together with high ranking executives,and all company members to commit a vertical implements, and horizontal integrated corperations. Our commitment is "Never satisfied with quality control, ever-lasting management".