Circular Saw Machine

NC High Speed Automatic Carbide Circular Saw


Cutting Capacity mm
  ● 20~120
  ● 0.79~4.72
  █ 0.79~3.35
Motor Output HP
 Bar feed servo-2.41
 Servo feedrate-1.74
Blade Size mm  Ø380 x Ø40 x T2.6;Z=60
in  Ø14.96 x Ø1.57 x T0.102;Z=60
Packing Size(L x W x H) mm  2290 x 3050 x 2150
ft  7.51 x 10.01 x 7.05
N.W / G.W kg  3350/3940
lb  7385/8686
Blade Speed rpm  50-150 Inverter Controlled Variable Speed
Blade Feed Cut .  AC Servo motor and ball screw
Bar Feed .  AC Servo motor and ball screw
Auto Feed Length mm  6~600 Single feed /600~9999 Multiple feed
in  0.23~23.62 Single feed /23.62~393.6 Multiple feed
Auto Chip Conveyor .  Chain belt chip conveyor (Opt.)
Cooling System .  Air Compressed oil mist

Magazine Table Dimensions

Capacity mm  Ø120 x 600L x 8pcs
in  Ø4.89 x 236.2L x 8pcs
Size mm  5300L x 1820W
in  208.66L x 72W


1. Mechatronics Control
2. Cutting Faster
3. Enhance Blade Service Life
4. Less Material Consuming


1. Sawblade  1 pc
2. Wire brush      2 pcs
3. Working lamp  1 set
4. Tools with tool box  1 set
5.Instruction manual   1 copy

1. Auto chip conveyor.
2. Long cut-off pieces unloading table.
3. Bar stock reservoir and loader.
4. Chain belt magazine table for flat work-piece.