Circular Saw Machine

NC High Speed Automatic Carbide Circular Saw


Cutting Capacity mm
  ● 10~80   █ 10~60 
  ● 0.39~3.15   █ 0.39~2.36
Motor Output HP
 Blade-20 ; Hyd.-2
 Bar feed servo-1.33 ; Servo feedrate-4.6
Blade Size mm  Ø285 x Ø32 x T2.0
in  Ø11.22 x Ø1.26 x T0.079
Blade Speed rpm

 50-200 Inverter Controlled Variable Speed

Blade Feed Cut .  AC Servo motor and ball screw
Bar Feed .  AC Servo motor and ball screw
Auto Feed Length mm  6~600 Single feed /600~9999 Multiple feed
in  0.23~23.62 Single feed /23.62~393.6 Multiple feed
Auto Chip Conveyor .  Chain belt chip conveyor (Opt.)
Cooling System .  Air Compressed oil mist



1.Unique gear head design with excellent cutting performance whichnot only cuts faster but also brings high precision.

2.Linear design with shortest feed-cutting route reduces cycle time.

3.Built-in backlashless brake system brings longer blade service lifewith less cutting cost.

4.Servo feed-cutting and servo bar-feed bring high efficiency andprecise cutting result.

5.Special design makes the butt length shorter : 35mm+cutting length.

6.Integrated HMI design offers easier operation and if there is error, screen will show the error message and instruction.

7.New modularized oil mist system brings easier maintenance.

1. Saw blade  1 pc
2. Wire brush      2 pcs
3. Working lamp  1 set
4. Tools with tool box  1 set
5.Instruction manual   1 copy



1. Auto chip conveyor.
2. Long cut-off pieces unloading table.
3. Bar stock reservoir and loader.
4. Chain belt magazine table for flat work-piece.