Thread Rolling Machine

The Mega's heaviest thread/profile forming machine at the moment is equipped with swivelable roller shafts. This ensures optimum capacity and use in making threads and axially parallel profiles in the through-feed process. However, short cylindrical parts (especially thread pins) can also be rolled in the through-feed process. For this special through-feed process automatic feed of the work is necessary.
This machine can also be used in the in-feed process; for this special there is no axial movement of the workpiece.



Range of Thread Max. diameter 
 Φ100 mm
Min. diameter
 Φ6 mm
 0.6-10 mm
Range of length
 300 mm
Range of length
Speed Range 15.6-50 RPM
Rolling Dies Max. diameter  Φ240 mm
Bore diameter  Φ110 mm
Width range  300 mm
Key way  18 mm
Distance of Dies Spindle Max.diameter  310 mm
Min.diameter  195 mm
Max. Rolling Pressure  30 Tons
Main Power  10HP x 2(7.5KW x 2)
Hydraulic Power  7.5HP (5.6KW)
Coolant Power  1/4HP (0.18KW)
Infeed Servo Motor Power  35HP(26.1KW)
Height from Floor to Spindle Center  936 mm
Floor Space Required  3010L x 2830W mm
Over Height  1746 mm
Weight  Net weight  6600 kgs
Gross weight  7000 kgs




Special features of MEGA MACHINE CNC thread rolling machine
A. Machine Structure:
1. Heavy duty tention bar and rigid base cabinet.
2. Heavy duty construction holds distance between main spindle housing at rolling load up to 30 tons with digital read-out control unit less than 0.01 mm 
B. Synchronized Control:
MEGA has developed 6-axis synchronization
1. R.H. spindle rotational positioning.
2. L.H. spindle rotational positioning. 
3. Dies feed rate control. 
4. R.H. spindle helix angle tilt control. 
5. L.H. spindle helix angle tilt control.
6. Work piece positioning control.
C. Spindle Helical Tilt:
1. Helix angle of main spindle is controlled by semi-close loop control.
2. Helix angle can be adjusted by 0.001 degree, the most accurate precision among the industry.
D. Die Feed Rate:
1. Full close loop infinitely controls feed rate between two spindles.
2. Digital control of pitch matching 
3. Complicated workpiece eg. 2 or 3 different threads/ spline knurling gears can be rolled at the same time.