Thread Rolling Machine

Thread Rolling Machine


Range of Thread Max. diameter 
 Φ100 mm
Min. diameter
 Φ10 mm
 0.6-10 mm
Range of length
 5-200 mm
Range of length
Speed Range

5-60 RPM(Standard)
3 steps with variable speed. (optional)

Rolling Dies Max. diameter  Φ235 mm
Bore diameter  Φ85 mm
Width range  50-200 mm
Key way  18 mm
Distance of Dies Spindle Max.diameter  335 mm
Min.diameter  190 mm
Max. Rolling Pressure  50 Tons
Main Power  25HP(18.75KW)
Hydraulic Power  5HP (3.75KW)
Coolant Power  1/4HP (0.18KW)
Height from Floor to Spindle Center  1015 mm
Floor Space Required  2260L x 2400W mm
Over Height  1710 mm
Weight  Net weight  8000 kgs
Gross weight  8500 kgs




1. Swivelable roller shafts at full utilization of the rolling force,short working cycles by increasing the forward-return speed.
2. Increase driving power, optional use in slow motion/normal and rapid advance by hydraulic multi-circuit system.
3. Increase in the efficiency and improvement of the utilization of power by gears on parallel axes and drive by universal shafts.
4. Free passage between the roller shafts for the manufacture of any length of profiles.

1. Control panel (with stepless variable speed for rolling die spindles) that provides easier operation and smooth rolling for different kinds of thread/gear forms and materials
2. Powerful hydraulic system and easy adjustment for rolling different kinds of jobs
3. Quick thread pitch matching device
4. Working area light

1. Movable Centering Work Rest Device
2. Standard Centering Work Rest Device
3. Bush Type Work Rest Device
4. Gear/spline shaft rolling device
5. Taylor made bar feed system for different applications
6. 12-step-speed gear change system