Thread Rolling Machine

【MEGA】HTR-15T_Thread-rolling-machine (Triaxial synchronous)

Item Model


Diameter Range of Thread (in-feed)

Ø 18~60 mm

(NPT 3/4 ~ NPT 2)

Range of Pitch (in-feed)

0.5~3.5 mm

Range of Length (in-feed)

10~55 mm

Range of rolling dies diameter

Ø 75~120 mm

Bore Diameter

Ø 40 mm


10*8 mm

Speed Range

15~250 RPM

Servo controlled variable speed

Main Power (Servo motor)

10HP (7.5KW)

opt. 15HP (11.25KW)

Hydraulic Power

5HP (3.75KW)

Coolant Power

1/8 HP (0.09KW)

Max. Rolling Pressure

15 Tons

1. This machine is equipped with synchronized three rolling spindles that roll the workpiece with three rolling dies at the same time which balance the feeding force for better helical thread form.

2. Unique design offers easy operation that doesn't requires operator to match the thread before rolling. This not only saves the training time, but also improves the efficiency.

3. Vertical rolling design enables operator to load and unload the workpiece more conveniently, and creates better work flow for automation solutions.

4. The main structure of the machine is cast iron which is strong and rigid with stable rolling performance.

5. Servo controlled variable speed offers speed ratio to 7 times and enables the torque in speed from low to high.

6. This machine model is suitable for rolling cap screws and all kind of workpieces that require in-feed rolling.

1. Tools with tool box_1 set

2. Instruction manual_1 copy

1. Rolling dies
(Because of special design, rolling dies are made when order according to rolling requirement.)

2. Automation design is available for work in flow motion.