CG-500CNC / CG

CNC Thread Grinding Machine


Machine Data
Max. workpiece diameter​
Min. workpiece diameter​
Max. module  6
Thimble size  MT4
Max.gash lead angle
Max.grinding axial slide travel  500mm
Tool data CG-500CNC
Grinding wheel diameter
 OD Ø280-407mm
 Grinding wheel speed  30-2000rpm
Grinding width  Max 50mm
Power supply CG-500CNC
Grinding wheel  11kw
Z-axial(workpiece movable table)  1kw
Z-axial(workpiece rotate)  1kw
Y-axial(grinding wheel movable table)  0.5kw
Crusher roller  0.5kw
Lead angle(Option)  1 kw
Dimension and weight CG-500CNC
Overall dimension  LxWxH  3400 x 2315 x 2220mm
Weight  7300 kg

1.This worm and thread grinding machine is based on the full CNC technology.

2.Use the servo feed force type to create and repair the grinding wheel, which can get the perfect surface in workpiece.

3.The free set in grinding procedure and grinding depth; the minimum feeding scale is 0.001 mm.

4.Whole cover in machine body and the oil-mist collector offer operators the best working environment.

5.Digital display system in lead angle grinding, which offers operator a precise grinding. The minimum scale is 15".

6.The maximum lead angle in workpiece is ±45°.