CG-1000CNC / CG

CNC Thread Grinding Machine


Machine Data
Max. workpiece diameter​
Min. workpiece diameter​
Max. module  6
Thimble size  MT4
Max.gash lead angle
Max.grinding axial slide   1000mm
Tool data CG-1000CNC
Grinding wheel diameter
 OD Ø280-407mm
 Grinding wheel speed  30-2000rpm
Grinding width  Max 50mm
Power supply CG-1000CNC
Grinding wheel  11kw
Z-axial(workpiece movable table)  1kw
Z-axial(workpiece rotate)  1kw
Y-axial(grinding wheel movable table)  0.5kw
Crusher roller  0.5kw
Dimension and weight CG-1000CNC
Overall dimension  LxWxH  3400 x 3610 x 2220mm
Weight  7500 kg

1、Precise Cut Off Length Setting.

2、Auto Head-Elevation And Quick Approach.

3、Idle Wheel Motion Detector.

4、Hydraulic Band Tension Control.

5、Quick-Action Hydraulic Twin-Vise(Split) 3-Jaw Clamping.

6、Unique Two-Way Carriage Vise Jaw.

7、Automatic Chip Conveyor.

8、Index Switch for bar feed.