About US

About us
Since 1980
MEGA's R&D has a team with 40 years experience
MEGA machine Co.,Ltd. has been specializing in producing and serving customers with bandsaw machine, NC circular saw machine, thread rolling machine, chamfering machine and CNC thread grinding machine. It can provide total solution in metal/quartz/ceramic cutting, thread/spline rolling.
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Quality oriented
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Perpetual management
High performance and best quality!
In 2004
MEGA leads ERP program system in management.
To meet the demand of global market and strengthen the customers' service, MEGA leads ERP program system in management. In the manufacturing process, MEGA uses the advanced three dimensions measuring instrument, TESA overhead projector and automatic test equipment to produce precision machine. As a result, it significantly enhances the ability of supply chain and provides customers' good service.
In order to win the identification of customers and conform with the international standard, MEGA win the recognition of the TUV ISO-9002 quality assurance in 1996 and conform the TUV ISO-9001 quality assurance in 2001, as well as passing the CE identification in 2002. All members of MEGA company do their best to maintain the quality assurance system. MEGA carries out the concept of overall quality assurance to implement the company's quality policy:“High performance and best quality can catch customers' heart, let the quality be turned into company's "Super Salesman".
Quality policy
Quality policy and statement
High performance and best quality can catch customers' heart, let quality to company' "Super Salesman".
Quality means not only product itself, the company emphasizes : product quality, delivery schedule, service, high quality and reasonable price. After a sales transaction, the customer will be satisfied with all the after services and becomes a long-term customer.
Quality target
Only the best quality products can be delivered to customers. A bit flaw inside company system, can turn out to be a 1000 times bigger complain from customer. If this complain is not taken good care of, customer will be hurt, the company will lose customers. This kinds of mistakes must be avoided and eventually reach company's quality target.
Quality target statement
The President Mr. Peter Wang hopes the whole company have the same understanding, to establish quality system, and implement it, he commit this quality system, work together with all members of the company. The company will supply all possible sources together with high ranking executives,and all company members to commit a vertical implements, and horizontal integrated corperations. Our commitment is "Never satisfied with quality control, ever-lasting management".